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VRDO Radio has been around since 2013 and has been doing wonderful. In 2015 I've reformatted the station to be 100% Country Music both traditional and new. With success comes growth, and I am now looking for Country Music DJs. The show can be live or podcast. While live DJs is the best for me when adding DJs but do understand podcasting seems to be the way people do things today. With the growth of VRDO Radio, I've started VRDO Talk which will launch after the 2016 presidental election. I'm looking to add shows of the following:
Political, Music, News, Sports, Entertainment, Science, Paranormal etc. Serious replies only.

You can email me at: (Use subject: Country or Talk Radio) when replying so I can know how to properly place you. I will listen to your show if you have one already to screen.

To all DJ's/Presenters I bring onto the station that have a podcast, I will set up the file share site so I can grab it and add it.

Please note that VRDO is licensed meaning you can play music and not have to worry about getting in trouble.

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