hi there

i was uploading some new music to the server and a friend was tunes tuned and said there getting a constant guitar sound? so after i uploaded my new music everything just went off and now i cant get back on,iv restarted the server,i have stoped and started again but nothing is happening,

can you help me please asap as we have a big event going on tonight on our radio station and we need to be up and running..

thank you guys


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Hi DJ Sparks,

Apologies for the delay. I've now fixed this for you! I noticed some .jpg and .m3u files in your media uploads and also that you had the same password for both your 'Source' and 'Admin' passwords, these passwords have to be different with Shoutcast v2. I removed these files, changed your 'Source' password and restarted the server and your stream is back online now: