" 07:03 PM: Station is offline (Unable to access account for radiofreemmo: Cluster host connection failure for us4: Connection timed out (110))"

Went to turn off autodj and server went down and cannot restart, i get this error. Please restart the server ASAP.

It's irritating that you don't have anyone looking at tickets over the weekend at your company - and there is no way to report a real emergency. This is the 2nd time this month we've had problems and fixing to have to find another provider because of your lack of responsiveness during these types of issues.





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Hi Vendetta,

Apologies for the delay in our response. In case of any urgent issues please always contact us via as we will pick up your email much quicker than a forum post.

Looking at your account now it seems to be streaming fine again. So we presume that it corrected itself? May we ask why you are switching off the AutoDJ in order to go live? You can override this with a live stream.

As with your previous issues something seems to be happening here whenever you turn on / off the AutoDJ? Whenever you enable / disable this do you click on 'Return' when that message pops up? Because if you do not it can look as though the AutoDJ is still active or disabled as basically the page needs refreshing to show its actual status. This can cause people to then click on Start / Stop again and can sometimes cause issues where another instance of the AutoDJ gets started.