Server Suspended


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I have emailed support about this but so far no reply, so I am hoping someone on here can help me.

I purchased a pay as you go package yesterday, topped it up with £20, ran radio for 2 hours yesterday to test it out (only 1 listener) and I have now been told I owe 6.30 GB (6454 MB) in bandwidth fees!!!! My server has been cut off and I cant even log in to the server page, it says there is nothing to see here and returns me to this site.

I am really Peed off to say the least, I would not have expected £20 to be used up in 2 hours !!! I was cheaper running a pay monthly if that is the case. I only run a part time radio for a small site, it only runs 3 hours a night with no more than 20 listeners.

I feel I have been totally ripped off !!!

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I am not sure but if you have a high bitrate with one listener connected then yes it can run up the cost.. support will help you more.

Juan @MaxDance


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It would help if they would reply back, they were quick enough to take my money, and cut my server, but they sure are slow to reply to mail


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Apologies Bonnie. We have fixed this and credited you with some free bandwidth because of the problem :eek: