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I am a web designer with a client looking to broadcast church sermons on internet radio.

I have read your pricing structure, and the pay as you go will work perfectly for him, but please could you answer a couple of questions first:

1. What kit will he need at his end and how much will it cost?
2. Will he be able to set it up himself?
3. can he stream music during his downtime, or does this by definition make it "up time"

thank you


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Hi there

1) Essentially he will need a computer with a sound card, an internet connection and also if you are using spoken word, a microphone. The pricing depends purely on what you are willing to spend. We recommend searching the internet for the best deals available.

2)Yes he will, we have several guides and support forums to assist him with this.

3) Yes we have an 'Auto DJ' function which he can also subscribe too which streams music 24/7 while the 'Live' radio shows are off air.

Hope this helps :)