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Hi Internet Radio,

I am looking at getting a Hospital Radio Station online, obviously they need the best cost option. To broadcast I understand they would need a PC at the studio running your Shoutcast software?

This then pushes the audio to your servers?

If they wanted to say transmit at 32K what would the cost be per month or on your PAYG tarrif how much would they use?

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Simon

Yes there would need to be a PC with internet connection running an encoder (doesn't have to be shoutcasts encoder). This then pushes the stream to our radio servers which then broadcasts out to any clients that tune in via the tune in links we provide.

Giving a quote of price is difficult as it depends how many listeners are connected and for how long. Essentially how much bandwidth they consume. Streaming at 32kbps is unlikely to be very expensive even with a lot of listeners connected. Your best bet is to get a server and try it out. Our bandwidth usage is updated every 24 hours in the control panels. We also offer to refund your money within 7 days if you are not happy for whatever reason.

Let us know if you have any further questions. :)


You will also need the PPL and PRS licences to allow you to broadcast on the Internet...