Shout Radio needs you


Shout Radio relies on a team of volunteers to keep the station on air 24 hours a day. There are loads of roles available and loads of reasons why you should join Shout Radio.

If you are applying for a On Air Role and wish to present your own show, please see below, for the available slots, you can apply for. All times are BST \ GMT.

The times we have free at the moment are:

Tuesday 12am - 5am
Wednesday 12am - 5am
Thursday 12-4am
Friday 2am -5am & 6pm till 8pm
Saturday 11am - 12pm

Please apply via our website or via emailing and a member of management will get back to you in due course or call us on 01253 707447 to talk to us about this Monday - Friday 10am -10pm


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