Simulator Radio: Presenting positions available.

Jay Jay

New Member

Simulator Radio is a fully PPL and PRS licensed Online Radio station that has been broadcasting to the online gaming community since 2014.

Not only can listeners tune in via our website at but we are also included IN GAME in Euro Truck Simulator, American Truck Simulator and Farming Simulator 17, meaning we are a real part of our listeners gaming experience. We also have a mobile app available for all android devices making it possible for listeners to tune in when away from their computers.

We have an impressive listener reach with around 1500 people tuning in during our peak times, and figures still in the 250-500 range during off peak hours.

Currently on Facebook we have over 11k followers and a further 2,261 on Twitter. Due to us being heavily based around the gaming community we also have multiple partnerships with Twitch Streamers and an extremely active discord channel allowing listeners to interact with each other and the presenters 24/7.

We already have a great team of presenters from around the globe working to bring top quality shows to our listeners but were looking to expand the team further.

Please be aware that everyone at the station is a volunteer and does what they do for enjoyment and to give something back to the community they love. We pay for our licensing and servers through donations received through the website.

Are you interested?

If the above sounds like something you would like to be a part of then why not get involved.
There are a few things we require from you to be able to give your application consideration:

1. You need to be 16+ to apply for Simulator Radio
2. You must have a large selection of legally purchased high quality music (clean radio edits).
3. You will need the following equipment:

a. A microphone that sounds clear when live
b. A legally owned copy of broadcasting software (whatever you prefer to use)
c. An encoding programme that will send meta data to the website when you go live (to update the now playing information on the homepage)

4.You must be able to commit to at least 2 hours presenting a week.

If you meet the above requirements then please complete our application form and attach a demo by clicking HERE.

Thanks for your interest in joining Simulator Radio.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Jay Allan (RadioJay) PR Admin.


Hi, My name is Stuart Bishop A.K.A DJ Echo Killer,

I am currently a radio presenter for and Iconic FM,and was looking to branch out a little,
as i enjoy radio and broadcasting,and was wondering if I could join your team as a radio presenter in 2018?

Please check out my promo,I use top of the range broadcasting software,and i have a great following of listeners for my shows.

Kind Regards!