So you wanna be a DJ/presenter then Apply here...

Discussion in 'Volunteering' started by Stevy6, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

    So you wanna be a DJ? Apply here!!!!
    I'm a DJ on and we are always on the lookout for Talented Presenters (Male or Female) to join our amazing team.
    We offer more interaction than any other station on the forums via our Webplayer / Windows7 Gadget / Ingame Plugin, mIRC and our Request page on our website. (Which you will see On The Fly via our Custom Made Dashboard)

    Please check our Schedule for available DJ Slots before applying

    If you wish to apply to join our Presenting Team, please fill in the application form making sure you meet the requirements below;

    - We have a minimum age requirement of 18 years
    - A substantial music library is necessary as DJs & Presenters manage their own shows/music
    - Adequate headset/microphone
    - Experience with the broadcasting software of your choice.
    - Your software can broadcast in ICECAST2 or SHOUTCAST in a MP3 format
    - You need to have Teamspeak 3 -
    - What is your internet speed?
    - Minimum Schedule Commitment of 2 hrs a week
    - Provide an audio voice clip (this may help

    Application Form:

    Please fill out the form as completely and accurately as you can to ensure a swift response.

    Thanks & Good Luck!
    Hive365 Team
  2. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

    Check out our website at and come and join our teamspeak channel or irc. Most of all listen to us when a live presenter is on air and you will get a feel for the interaction our listeners get.

    Dont be afraid, come and check us out.
  3. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

    We are still looking for live DJ/presenters.
    Anyone interested then read top post in thread and reply
  4. Justin Jones

    Justin Jones New Member

    I filled the application out yesterday, waiting for response
  5. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

    Still recruiting. If you would like to host your own show with hive get in touch.
  6. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

    Tune in and listen to our station, there are live presenters on every week night I personally present 2 shows a week, but we have slots if you are interested.
    especially if you are based in the US , Australia, New Zealand , South Africa or Europe.

    We broadcast 24/7, worldwide with a team of 25 on air and behind the scenes, we have a realtime live dashboard to interact with the listeners and over 500 gaming servers have our specially designed app installed who can also interact in the show too, plus web player, realplayer, windows media player, html5 player, Windows gadget and also on tunein radio app and an android app is currently in on live test and due for launch, active Facebook page, Twitter and forum, check out the website, tune in and if you do want to be part of the team drop us a line and apply.

  7. I have Very professional (Major Market Talent) that produce shows for me which I distribute to stations across the globe. These shows are mp3 format , filled with great music , personality , bits , etc. Best of all we offer these show to stations for free! All we ask is mutual promotion by airing show promos and adding us to your website/social media . I have shows in many formats and lengths . Let me know if you would like any demos . or visit our web site at

    I hope to hear from you so we can get your station sounding better than the rest! :)

    Adam Smash
  8. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

    Hi Adam thank you for your response,
    our current profile is for live presenters, we interact with our audience, which is one of the reasons that the listener base is constantly growing.

    If you have any presenter who would like to be "live" that would be of interest.
  9. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

    Fully licenced station looking for a couple more presenters, tune in check us out and if you like what you hear, get in touch ,

    You can also check us out on our website / Facebook and Twitter, say "hello"
    We have presenters from the Uk, USA, Spain, and South Africa.
    Do you want to represent your Countries audience? Then get in touch.
  10. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

    Couple of slots left. But still looking for presenters. Give us a shout.
    we are always on the lookout for good presenters at

    We currently broadcast worldwide, you can listen via tunein radio app, on our web player, Windows gadget, Windows media player to name but a few and have listeners from all over the the gaming world, We typically have over 500 gaming servers tuned in 24/7 plus more joining us daily. The games that are connected are Counter strike,csgo, minecraft, left4dead, team fortress and Gary's mod,
    If you have a game server then run our plug in to reach the gamers playing via our station too. (Free from our website)

    Either way visit our webpage and say hi in the forum, visit our social media Facebook or Twitter, (just search hive365, Also on steam too) and come onto our teamspeak channel to say hello.

    If you like the look and sound of us apply to join us, And our station managers will get back to you, and they are usually on Teamspeak.

    Anyway if you have any questions fire away I'm here to answer what I can

    Hive365 DJ Thursday 10-midnight sunday 9-11 pm
  11. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

    Tune in , try us out, like us? Then apply . Top of thread for full details
  12. Gaby Martinez

    Gaby Martinez New Member

    I'd love to be a presenter! But I've never broadcasted anything before so I think that may be a problem.
  13. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

    Hi Gaby , I have sent a conversation message , if you can answer a few questions please .
  14. Gaby Martinez

    Gaby Martinez New Member

    Great! I'll answer it once I receive it, haven't gotten anything yet xD
  15. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

    Some new slots available. Get I touch. If your interested.
  16. Vik Vixon

    Vik Vixon New Member

    @Stevy6 hi how are you....I'm interested in having my show on your station. I'm having a show for years now and last 2 years since I moved to Ireland I'm hosting a show on Phever Radio Ireland. From music, hosting, djing, interviews everything. My main interest is to do a show on electronic music if its possible. Let me know if we can discuss about it. Kind regards. Vik

    Here is my Soundcloud page with my shows and mixes: and the radio station page:
  17. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

    Hi Vik. Thank you for your response.

    Tune into the station via our website click on any of the icons at the top to start our players (many options) and check the schedule for a slot you would be able to fit into.(don't worry if slot is already occupied we can add you to our list of talent waiting to get on slot at their preferred time)

    If you think we fit you, click on apply and fill in the application and our management team will get in touch with you for a trial (15-30 min air check) I look forward to seeing your application.

    Your SoundCloud mixes are excellent keep up the amazing work.

  18. Stevy6

    Stevy6 Active Member

    Hi all, still looking for live presenters(not pre recorded shows) you can be from any country, just need a decent internet speed. Check out the first post in this thread for info.

    Previous applicants need not apply.

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