[SOLVED] Server has been hijacked !


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Hi Support,
Not sure how this has happened but it has ! someone has hacked my account and they are streaming on my server !
Needs password resetting and these guys kicking off.

Would happily do it myself but they have changed my password so i cant log in.

Please sort out and email me the new password.

My account rollinradio.

Station Name streaming is

Lasnam2e raadio
If I find them before you guys do they wont be streaming for much longer.


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Apologies for the delay. We have changed the password for you. See the email we sent for furtehr questions regarding this.


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Can only imagine this would happen if account info was made available? Would someone not just hijack or hack the main server instead of an individual account?

Juan @MaxDance


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Auto Dj

Hi Support,
Thanks for the password reset, I now have access again but my Auto DJ has gone !

Who ever done this changed everything in the configuration files, I have managed to put back to how was and changed my password lol.

Is there anyway to get the logs to see where the input ip address came from ?
I want to narrow down my list of dj's that have access in case it was one of them that done this.