Some of my station have clear sound with a back ground of garbled sound.


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I'm using a Tangent Quattro MKll. I have quite a few station that were fine for years and then started having this background garble. It only happens when the sound is happening,
during quiet passages, no garble, or other sound. I have deleted and reinstalled on Receiva and it didn't help TBH, I only did that with one station.
This only happens on about 1/3 of the stations in my menu.
Any thoughts about this?


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First thing I see when I google that equipment is that it's a WIFI thingy. So since it has been okay in the past and now it isn't I suspect that your area is becoming saturated with either devices or more WIFI points. Perhaps try to move closer to the WIFI receiver/sender to see if it's from more WIFI stations. Lots of people start to go wireless.

Also a clear-tale sign for wireless issues with audio streams is dropped packets. This can either result in speed-up music, or music that just turns silent. Not sure what music you're playing, but some music can sound garbled when it's speed up.

Also WIFI generally works on 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz. 2.4Ghz is around the same frequency as your microwave for example (although allot less powerfull ;) ). Your microwave puts out it's signal at 200 watt+ while your Wifi will at max use like 10 watt in signal strength (depending on which country you're in). Basically what can happen is that when you've got bad equipment (bad microwave or some other equipment) that they are interfering with the data stream. It's slightly possible and not very common, but it is still a possibility.

And seeing you state that the garble is only there when you're playing sounds, I suspect some data issues in regards to the broadcast. Most likely to many devices or WIFI points in the neighborhood. But to be sure, check with your phone and see how many access points there are, see if you can download an app from the app store to measure the WIFI channels.


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Thanks for the response. I'm not using Wifi, I have my radio ethernet wired. I don't generally listen to music, mostly voice only, lot's of Old Time Radio, science shows and such. The silent parts are between words and sentences. I contacted the manufacturer and they said to contact Reciva about it. I haven't yet, but will get a list all the troublesome stations and the working ones and send it to them.