Songs cut constantly

Never had this issue before but suddenly all the songs on our radio station cut around 2 to 3 seconds before the end.
There is no more smooth transitions between the songs and different playlists as well.
Also more than 3/4 of all the songs thumbnails and covers are gone.

Is it possible to fix this please.

Kind regards.


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Hi Megaton Cafe,

I've been tuned into your stream and yes, I can hear that the tracks seem to be cutting off abruptly and there is no crossfading as per your accounts settings.

I would suggest fully stopping your account and then starting this again to see if that corrects the issue. I would do this for you but you currently have 61 listeners connected who I don't want to disrupt.
The 1st time we encountered this issue, we restarted the the whole thing, it fixed it for a while, but then the issue came back again.
I will try to stop the account this time to see if it works, but i do believe it is the same as what we did last time which was a temporary fix.


Level 1 Support
Staff member
Ok, thanks for letting us know. We've not seen or had any reports from other users of this happening.

I can see that you mostly have files encoded at 256kbps, but you do also have other playlists with files at 128kbps and other random files encoded at 160/192/257kbps. Ideally, they should all be encoded at the same bitrate as your AutoDJ stream which is 128kbps. Any inconsistencies in the bitrate, samplerate and number of channels can cause playback issues on the file change overs. So I would recommend re-encoding those files.

Please do keep us updated on how this goes for you.