Start up


New Member Im new to this....I have a studio here, and I want to begin

1 Do I need a website/domain? or can my audience find me via your service at first?

2 Can I stream realtime, or do I have to record the "Program" so to speak first?

If you can help I ould be most grateful

Thanks and Kind regards



You don't need to have a domain name or a website unless you want to build a one. People can find you once you start broadcasting on the Internet Radio Directory. If you have a Facebook or a Bebo page you can post links to your streams on there.

You can stream live from your studio - no need to record it first - you just need a program to encode the music and connect to the Internet to allow you to stream to your Internet Radio server. If you're using a programme such as SAM Broadcaster it is ready to go - all you need should be built in. It should just be a case of configuring it to stream your music to the world wide web
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