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    Hey there,

    I have been working on a electronic music internet radio project and the ideal outcome is/was to host 15-20 streams. The idea was to provide a 4 month advertisement trial (to stay profitable), with an option to sign up for a $2.99/month service or a $36.00/year annual music subscription.

    The problem with internet radio these days is it's a turbulent industry and advertising revenue these days doesn't really pay the bills. I'm wondering if I should restructure my project and keep it simple...

    I am not planning to play any live music or talk shows from a studio. The goal is/was to stream pre-recorded sets, mp3s, and transfer controls to various DJs within different genres using a computer so DJs can stream their sets live towards their target audiences. The platform in its current design would be a smaller version of a leading electronic music service provider.

    I have the front end of the application on the iOS operating system almost complete --
    -login systems
    -home menu
    -internet radio selection
    -internet radio information
    -internet radio stream
    -favourite folders for radio shows and fm streams
    -settings folder

    I'm wondering what the best outcome is to achieve from this project.

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