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Hi. Graham here Owner of Boro Sound Radio based in the UK.

Are you a Presenter looking for a station? we are looking for recorded shows, or live shows for ceratin hours, if you have anything to offer and would lke to get your show on our station, we love tyo hear from you

We are keen to get someone to cover the breakfeast show hours, Monday to Friday 7am till 10am, it doesn't have to be live can be recorded, we would give you access to upload the shows to our server all we would ask is the show is uploaded the evening before.
We are also looking for someone to cover the following slots Monday - Friday 12 to 2pm as a lunchtime show and also Monday 5pm to 7pm an evening drivetime show, these slots we would be looking for someone to cover with live shows.

please contact me by visiting or website address or via email address below

Boro Sound Radio - Powered By phpFox email[/EMAIL"]"][/EMAIL].

Look forward to hearing from you.
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Miles Cockburn

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Radio Facebook

Proposal for a single World Wide Internet Radio Station. RADIO FACEBOOK

by Miles Cockburn :

Today internet radio is growing fast with thousands of great Radio Presenters covering the world all with there own Radio Stations, mainly located on websites and internet servers. Individual radio presenters working hard to provide a quality service. Audiences for individual Radio Stations vary from 1 to a few hundred, rarely into the thousands.

Facebook is the biggest target audience with the obvious hook `listen to Internet Radio Bla Bla while surfing the internet` a great way to gain an online audience and engague them, but as soon as your live show finishes you leave your audience to either listen to pre programmed, pre loaded music (which takes hours of hard work to programme)....People love to have a live radio presenter, they love the interaction of the presenter and his or her thoughts, the banter the shout outs etc. This becomes so obvious when you carefully look at the audience statistics. Your `live show` has the highest and your pre loaded programmed the lowest audience, something which I would like to address with this proposal.

I have started Radio Facebook here at :

In the old days we had AM (amplitude modulation) and then FM (frequency modulation) today we have the best, the very, very best IR (internet radio) this is our future as radio presenters. The problem is we are all scattered across the globe as individuals.

BBC Radio One, Capital Radio, Kiss Fm and all the rest you can think of.....all were and are broadcasting on both FM and the internet but they are corporation run, corporation sounding and mainly jam packed with adverts and a one hour listen to any big corporate radio station you will not find much music let alone any real feel that the people want. Isn't that why we became Radio Presenters, to provide our audience, a better mix of music, talk, and give them better entertainment ? Better than the corporate stations could ever dream of.

7 days contains 168 hours, that 168 hours could have a live radio presenter online engaging an audience 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This is a powerful concept indeed and if hooked up with Facebook and the other social media it could become the worlds biggest and most listened to Radio Station !

If it is 7 am in one country its not 7 am in another so the potential to have a world wide internet radio station is not something impossible to create, in fact it is quite an easy thing to do, together.

Together we stand Divided we fall scenario !

And money, what of it, well once again most of us earn little or nothing, our hard earned money funding our individual internet radio stations across the globe...why not band together and have a world wide presence, this way the big advertisers will want in on the action (due to the huge audience and the 24 hour live production produced) there is then an income to be divided amongst the hard working radio presenters. Bingo not rocket science.
But hey, while we are on the subject of money and advertising lets control who can advertise, why not change the rules and only let bonified, green certificated companies in. We could clean up the mess, we could take control of the advertising media, a powerful concept, impossible no not at all, a Radio Media Revolution and I am NOT political, I would just not want to let a company advertise if they pollute extort or do not behave to a code of practice determined by all the Radio Presenters, in other words if you are a world wide company and wish to advertise we will keep an eye on you and see what you do for our environment, our people and our future.
Our approval then becomes a hallmark to other potential advertisers. Again not rocket science, and in final a way for us all to put some money in our pockets.
These are my thoughts and I welcome yours, perhaps you have the same thoughts about the future of internet radio, if so come talk to me.

One Internet Radio Station broadcasting 24 hours a day 7 days a week with a live radio presenter at the helm always day or night. We would all be part of this and we would all be equal, a co operative of radio presenters.

Finally you are thinking what about all the hard work I have done to build my individual radio station, what about my audience ? Well, nothing changes, you keep your internet radio station as is, change nothing, all we do is simply stream together.

I am thinking of `TIME SLOTS` for individuals around the world, divide 168 hours up like a cake.
I myself produce three, 3 hour shows a week a total of 9 hours is already taken, so we have 159 hours left to fill with live radio presentation.

Like the old story of `chicken liken` those who help bake the cake get to eat the cake !

And as for content, its your show continue to do what you do best, we all monitor Facebook during our shows anyway, engage that audience, while they surf the internet and while doing that promote all the Radio Presenters involved in this new world wide internet radio station.

Its 3 am and I am sleepless, I surf Facebook with a cup of Joe, I need some music, so I hook up with Radio Facebook and hey there is a `LIVE` radio presenter online, so I message him / her, the internet radio is then engaged with Facebook, I can have my say, request a tune, make or share a joke or part of my day with a real person, and somewhere in the world it is NOT 3 am it is 2 pm. A whole world of events brought together by one connection Radio Facebook.

Internet Radio World Wide engaged with Facebook 24 hours a day 7 days a week is an incredible revolution. When you boot your computer, switch on your Smartphone or pad what is one of the first things that most people do ? Go to check Facebook then read or post something but it is silent so lets get together and give Facebook a voice. Then people world wide will begin to think, Facebook and Radio Facebook, they will use them together, they will determine our content.

The potential is awesome and just think Mark Zuckerberg wrote Facemash the predecessor to Facebook in October 2003 look where it is now, in just 10 years. Could we together build Radio Facebook and become the voice of social media...we have Twitter and all the others to take on too ? What is the current value of Facebook ? Billions I thinks !

The way I see it is, from our 168 hours of live broadcast we need each Radio Presenter to stream around 9 hours divided into 3 radio shows of 3 hours, using this formula all we need to do is hook up less than 17 radio presenters on a world wide that's not even hard is it ?

Lets talk !
my details are as follows:

Miles Cockburn ( Presenter `Joe 90` on RADIOQFM.COM)
Private email :
Website :
Skype ; Dune2996
Station Telephone : (+34) 928 867 006


Nice idea Miles and well done for actually speaking up about it. I'd love to talk more with you. Lots of motivation and enthusiasm but the idea is flawed. A global advertising market? There are not many companies that are going to want to invest in that. Even big car manufacturers advertise on a country-specific basis. I'm not saying it cannot work but it seems unlikely to me.

I do however agree that there are hundreds of internet stations usually being funded by one person and all trying to do the same thing (ok some are location based and some are genre specific) and there is no coming together for these stations.

I think over the next two years internet radio is literally going to explode and the great thing is that the consumer probably wont actually noticed much has changed, just that they can now listen to almost anything rather than a handful of stations.