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hi there i have used the code below in my Azuracast pannel and it seems that I'm being listed in your directories but there is no Audio any Ideas?
iv also noticed that my stream URL changes. my stream URL is upon looking further it changes to ? but does not play in your directories or Icecast or either a standard web bwoser?



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It's because you don't have an SSL certificate. Your https link is insecure and not trusted.

Click your link and look at your browser top left.


iv now Used an SSL and I needed to change my Url to It seems that it is now secure but however I'm still having the same problem as before. I'm being listed in the directories here but still unable to produce the Audio. i think there may be an error or a bug with in www.Internet-radios directories as iv tried everything humanly possible to get it working but to no joy or I'm doing something wrong and maybe its a simple fix that I may need to rectify but don't know how to? i think Support should get back to me on this soon. just wanna say thanks daceradiouk for the help..

Also, I wanted to add is that I know you have Crack1ofski and sstagart on your radio station there great peeps iv known them for years wicked DJs :)
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We've had a look into the logs and is the URL that you are posting to us from your Icecast server. It might be worth raising this issue with Azuracast as their build of Icecast doesn't seem to have the listenurl reflect what it should be.