Stream down once again, getting "cluster host connection" error

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unfortunately things like this are now part and parcel of the modern Internet. Although a family bereavment and other cirumstances have led to me currently neglecting my own online stream so its off air anyway at present (I hope to get it back up and runnign soon); I did get warning messages whenever anything with the internet-radio link was playing up.

To put this into perspective; the whole UK BBC online content delivery network was put out of action a day or so ago. The BBC have much of their own content delivery resources and employ some of the best brains in this country (the UK is actually ahead of many nations with regard to online radio and TV listening and viewing)..

Those who are older might remember constant battles between smaller (unlicensed) stations and Communications Ministry as well as rivals stealing/sabotaging TX equipment to keep the station on air; and on HF that rough "woodpecker" noise that made shortwave listening unbearable at some times (although it was actually a radar security device rather than a deliberate jammer).. As always with tech, the bad stuff can develop alongside the goog...