Syndicated metal radio show looking for broadcasters


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I'm Carl. My show "Metal7080" has been on the air since 2006. For the 2010-2011
season of the show, i'm looking for english speaking radio stations to broadcast my show.

Since its beginnings, the show has been broadcast in french. For the last year or so, i have received e-mails from english speaking people who despite the fact that they can't understand
what i'm saying on the air, listen's to the show anyway.

With that in mind, i have decided to produce the show in english for the next season.

Here's some facts about Metal7080

- Has done many interviews with heavy metal well known people (Rob Halford, Doug Aldrich, Lizzy Borden, Yngwie J Malmsteen)

- Gives away free cd's and promotional stuff on a regular basis

Has seen some of its interviews posted on, and on the U.S.A Today website.

All stations interested in broadcasting the show must:

- Have over 25,000 visitors a month
- Have easy access for listeners (flash player, podcast,real audio etc)
- Have an interactive website
- Must be willing to promote the show with audio commercials, banners etc.

To submit your station or for more informations, please write to:
You can check out the official website of the show at:

Thank you.
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