Syndicated Reggae or Soul(Chilled Zone Shows) Available.All Free.

My Reggae Vybe Show is available for syndication to those stations interested.
Music could include ,Lovers Rock,Ska,Soca,Roots,Culture,Old and New tunage.
Music I like to call ''Big People Music'' If you know,You Know ''
It will be non-generic and will come in 2 x 1 hour segments so station idents ect can be slotted in if required.It will also come as a complete 2 hour.
I will send it out no later than Thursday by We Transfer.All I would need is a email address to send it to.
Below is my Podcast site to listen to archive RVS if need be.


Was wondering if any stations were looking for a syndicated non-generic Chilled Zone Show.Its 2 hours long in 2 x 1 hour segments so station idents ect can be slotted in the middle and as a complete 2 hour show
The music consists of RnB,Neo Soul,Rare Grooves and Soul music.
The show is also FREE.

Heres my podcast site so you can hear my broadcasts.



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Hi Chris, We are interested in your show, Live. Please let me know what parameters are needed to have a live show on our station.