The Funkylicious Show - Looking for new Station

The Funkylicious Show
Looking for new Radio Station for weekly slot.

The 'Funkylicious' brand is dedicated to bringing you the very best in upfront Dance Music from some of the worlds finest DJs. Broadcasting 100% Dance Music live and direct. Having spent many years on Real City Radio we thought it was now time to move on, fresh for the summer beats.

How I normally broadcast a 1 hour show.

  1. 0-5mins - Funkylicious Jingles & my Introduction.
  2. 5-15mins - New tracks from my DJ box.
  3. 15-20mins - This weeks Unsigned artist.
  4. 20-30mins - Dance charts
  5. 30mins half hour mark - This weeks prank call.
  6. 30-55mins - Weekly mini mix or guest DJ slot
  7. 60mins end of show - Classic track of the week
I prefer to pre-recorded sets but would also consider broadcasting live.
Last show of the month I always try and do something special, like an International night or a big guest DJ booking.

If you would like to chat further then please get in touch.
Here's some previous shows..
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