The Mixtape with Jamie Stocker - 60 Mins, Generic, Anytime of Day/Night


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Hi All

I have been a presenter of a Funk and Soul Show which has been broadcasting for 12 Years on traditional, community and internet radio.

I'm widening my portfolio with a new show called "The Mixtape" this will be available as a block of shows being regularly updated to give a wide selection. These will be each centered around a Theme or Genre, some will be targeted others will be classic Mixtapes for Car Journeys based on real Mixtapes I have made myself or family members over the years

Access will be granted to a Dropbox link where the shows will live with stations having access to this at request just reach out to if you would like to carry the show

This show is being offered for Free however a No Minimum/Voluntary Donation in the style "Buy Me A Coffee" Paypal would be appreciated to support my work and I can send a link to pay when I send the drive link

Three Demo Shows are available 1992, Madchester and 80s Synth/New Wave

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