The new birthday song is on. It's a great day by Tipa.

A song everyone is talking about. The link to it is belowIt's a Great Day SuperLoud Studios https://

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The new birthday song is on guys.
It's a Great Day SuperLoud Studios via @amazon

If there is one song that makes people happy, man this song is gomna make you happy. I have got reports from poeple around the world. They said this song when they heard it the first time, they wish it was their birthdays. Here is a few places you can listen to it. Check this on spotify ITunes or Amazon. Its my way of saying happy birthday to the world. Share this page to friends specially on their birthdays.

It is also in YouTube. By clicking this link you can hear a full version of the new birthday song.
My webside is coming soon where you can book Events buy T-shirt order cakes. Its A Great Day cremas mugs ect.
I would also invite you o like my page "The Man Tipa" on FB thanks a million.