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DJ Jerrbear

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We are looking for new listeners and DJ's We'll train. 3 hour spots open To apply email me DJ Jerrbear at or simply just come to tune in we'd love you have you just go to live DJ's noon to mid est make a request of you song/songs we play all genrea but we are family oriented no songs with f bombs, racial, or demeaning songs. What ya waiting for WOOHOO come join us tune in.
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HELLO,,,,,,,,,,,BE A SILENT guest OR a VERBAL guest....OR just watch/listen to .....the FRANKIE V. conspiracy AND non conspiracy radio/tv show.

EMAIL us your REQUEST for our SHOW info. ALSO email us the DAYS OF THE WEEK and WEEKEND that you can LISTEN to our showS
(LIVE) and we will do SPECIAL shows for YOUR schedule. AND we will notify YOU by EMAIL as to the DAYS AND TIMES that you get our