Top 40 - Dance Remix DJ Radio Show!

Drew Segura

New Member
Hello Everyone!

My name is Drew I'm a DJ based in Miami Florida and I'm starting a Weekly Pre-Recorded Podcast/Radio show that will feature Current Top40 and past pop hits remixed into dance/EDM. I'm currently on a couple of stations and I'm looking to broaden my Internet-Radio presence!

The show will be pre-recorded and divided into 4 segments of 45 minutes each. The segments will then be uploaded to my password-protected drive that only stations that sign up will have access to. I'm currently working on a website to advertise the stations that I work with and will be promoting on all of my social media based on popularity/ratings. For the first 3 Internet radio stations that reach out to me, I'll do custom branding during the show for FREE (E.G: "I'm DJ Drew live from the so-n-so radio studios") I'll attach a demo URL below but keep in mind the demo will not have me speaking.

For more information please reach out to me VIA email @

I'm looking forward to working with many of you as we help each other grow!


Shout Radio are looking new presenters provide entertainment, information and of course, great music, 24 hours a day. Our presenters need to be bubbly, chatty and sometimes a bit on the mad side! Radio shows do not always need to be serious, so having fun is all part of presenting a live show! please bear in mind when applying for this role you will need to provide us with at least a 10 minute demo no applications will be approved with out this to join us go to and fill out the application form we ave many slots free and you can be presenting your own show within 2 working days