Top 40 - Dance Remix DJ Radio Show!

Drew Segura

New Member
Hello Everyone!

My name is Drew I'm a DJ based in Miami Florida and I'm starting a Weekly Pre-Recorded Podcast/Radio show that will feature Current Top40 and past pop hits remixed into dance/EDM. I'm currently on a couple of stations and I'm looking to broaden my Internet-Radio presence!

The show will be pre-recorded and divided into 4 segments of 45 minutes each. The segments will then be uploaded to my password-protected drive that only stations that sign up will have access to. I'm currently working on a website to advertise the stations that I work with and will be promoting on all of my social media based on popularity/ratings. For the first 3 Internet radio stations that reach out to me, I'll do custom branding during the show for FREE (E.G: "I'm DJ Drew live from the so-n-so radio studios") I'll attach a demo URL below but keep in mind the demo will not have me speaking.

For more information please reach out to me VIA email @

I'm looking forward to working with many of you as we help each other grow!