Trans radio presenter


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Hey all,

I'm a radio presenter who has been a bit out of the loop for a couple of years, looking to get back into it. If there are any new start up online stations (LGBT friendly?) interested in an extra presenter, hit me up.

I don't have any demos available.

Rumour xx


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Hi Rumour

We at Ambron Radio are a station looking for presenters (there's no further discussion about sexuality, race or religion everyone of the presenters on the station are exactly that just presenters and not labels). You can check out the station at if this looks like something you would like to get involved in then send me an email to and we can discuss it further. We don't do application forms as you are volunteering your time and therefore a quick discussion would be enough not even an interview. We are about enthusiasm, charisma and dedication and not about experience as that will come. We have presenters who didn't even know how to use a microphone but are now fully fledged members of the team.