UK based Daytime Radio Presenter available


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Hi and thanks for stopping by. I am Simone a 'mature' daytime style radio presenter with time on my hands and I'm looking for a station. I do not do single genre shows as my music taste is very wide and I like to roam around my music database playing things that make me happy as this reflects to the listener. My music collection (40k+ files) goes from the 60s to current day across multiple genres.

My home studio consists of mAirlist for playout, Behringer DX2000USB desk, Behringer B1 mic. Facility to process output through Sonos4 if required. Internet speed 60Mbps down/16MBPS up.

What sort of station am I looking for? Well, one that wants a typical daytime style show of 2-3 hours duration. Listener interaction is sought after as requests are part of what I love to do. I can do pre-recorded shows, but as that precludes listener interaction it is something I prefer not to do.

Whilst I am UK based, the internet shrinks the world to milliseconds. I will be pleased to hear from stations anywhere in the world.



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Running Internet stations from Hull in the UK, just taken over Seabird Radio and we have been looking for some female presenters to add to the sound. Unfortunately at moment can only take recorded shows and just changed servers over on 12th. If interested contact


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Hi Simone,

We're a new station, but we're fully licenced and have decent streaming servers. I'm working hard on establishing the station and I'm funding it all myself. I have zero intention of having ads or asking for donations. Your show is your own and if you need anything we're more than happy to help.

Only downside with us, like I said is we are new. There might be some work involved to build up a listener base, but we have a good base from which to start.

I messaged you on facebook, so you should have my email if you want to get in touch.