I have previously been running an internet radio station with a popular Canadian hosting provider as they claim to provide licensing from SOCAN to all stations hosted on their network and it is an incredible price (around £10 per month) for hosting and licensing.

Because SOCAN have agreements with almost all PROs worldwide, I (and many other broadcasters) were under the impression that as long as you make it clear on all directories and your website that your station is hosted in Canada and legally a Canadian station, then you are covered for almost all countries by SOCAN's license. However, it has now been made clearer that actually, this license only covers Canadian listeners. A loophole to get around this is to basically act as if your station is targeting a Canadian audience and the fact that it can be heard in other countries is just a bonus, or try not to target audience by location.

I am now considering setting up the station again with the same provider. I am from the UK and although I'm not specifically targeting a UK audience, almost all my listeners are from the UK as well. What are the chances that PPL, PRS, and any other non-Canadian PROs could come after me for not having a proper license with them? And what can they actually do about it? I.e. Would it be the case that I would receive an email or letter from them informing me that I do not have a license and I must shut the station down, obtain a license or geoblock that particular country, or could they try to sue me straight away?

The station is only run as a hobby, we do not make any profit from it and the last thing I need are any potential legal battles, so any advice on the licensing concerns above would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. :)