Unsynchronized name and audio.

Hello! I've integrated the code that generates the artist name into my site, as well as an audio stream player.
And I found this problem. The next performer starts playing the radio player, but the code with the name of the artist generates the name of the next artist late (approximately 60 seconds). So, how can I synchronize playback of the next audio track with the track name, or at least minimize the delay?


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Hi ZvUkr,

I have taken a look at your website https://www.zvukrradio.com and you do not appear to be using the Centovacast player / steam info widget codes.

The stream also seems to point to another providers server as well, not one of ours?
Hello! Yes I use another player with a more beautiful interface. Yes, now there is another radio provider, but there was a similar problem for "Internet-radio.com providers" as well.


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Unfortunately we cannot help if you are using a third party player and stream provider. If this is happening with both your new provider and also when you was hosting with us then I would say that would indicate the issue is more with the player itself.

There would not be any delay between the two if you were using the Centovacast player / stream info widgets.