using skype


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hi can anyone help me i am using sam v4 and i am wanting to use skype in conjunction with sam to be able to do radio interviews how do i set up skype via sam for this


We're recently just set this up. Our studio telephone number is a VoIP line and we connect to it using a SIP server. You can simply download a free VoIP Softphone (or similar) and feed the line in of the soundcard from your mixer output. The output from the soundcard can be fed into a spare channel on your mixing desk. Works quite well. A lot better than having to pay hundreds of pounds for a telephone balance unit


Depending on the quality of your PC soundcard will depend on the quality of the calls - we found that oboard sound cards were not good at all - but a cheap second hand Creative or Soundblaster (or compatible) bought second hand from an auction style website worked a treat.