Using two computers

Derek Hamilton

New Member
We would like to broadcast over the internet a 2 hour program once per week from either of two different computers hooked to different router/modems but never both at same time. Using your pay as you go service is this possible?
We would have a single Listen Live button on our website which our listeners could click to receive our live broadcasts from which ever computer is being used
Is this possible?


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Hi Derek,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for your interest in our services.

Yes this is possible! You can connect a live source from any location using the server details provided to you once you create an account with us.

Derek Hamilton

New Member
Since setting up an account with you everything has been going fine with out test broadcasts until last night. The Centova
Cast is showing connected but SE Caster which we use to connect our computers to it will not connect. SE Caster reports Error-1 Some other mystery problem Can you help here please. Our 2 hour prog per week is due to start 7th April and we would like to know everything is in place well before then.