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Hi, names Andrei and im curious about the prices ive seen on the calculator, i will need a radio server with auto dj (25 listeners 32 kbps), will i have to add to the calc. also the price amount of the auto dj plan i want? 6 + 5 = 11 euros??

I also need to know something, i used to have another radio/autodj service but it came with a "small" hostig service, i had a domain in wich i used to hav a small media player that broadcasted the music, i inserted couple of images of some upcoming events in my city, a xat box and some news feed (really modest), will i have this too with this service?

Thx 4 ur time.


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Hi Andrei

The Auto DJ is a monthly fee service and the Pay as you go server is a roll over credit system (much like topping up your phone). You can pay in Euros no problem. Paypal will covert the money to pounds.

We don't do web hosting with our radio. You can get this as a separate service from another provider. We do have a start page which has a small player and request form. An example is here : This cannot be modified though apart from turning on and off various parts.


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Great!, but im paying in mexican pesos, right now the euro currency is at 15.55 each, so were talking about 11 euros total for a 25 listeners + 32 kbps + auto dj am i right?