Voice Overs and Jingles from only $5 at fiverr.com


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Is your internet radio station in need of some professional quality voice overs or radio jingles?

Well, you can get custom and professional voice overs and jingles made for your radio station starting at the bargain price of only $5 at fiverr.com.

Having used fiverr ourselves for a recent project, we highly recommend the service and we was really impressed with the quick turnover and high level of quality work that we received at the bargain price of only $5.

So if this is something that you would be interested in for you internet radio station, then why not head over to fiverr.com yourselves and take a look through the many voice over artists and jingle producers that are offering their services.



Personally, I do not like fiverr, because of:
1. The commission they are getting is 20% (which is very high)
2. The service provider does not get his money ($4) timely... Fiverr is keeping the money for 14 (or something like that) days.

That's why I do not use anymore fiverr service.

Hint: Find the service provider you want, and google for him... usually they are using same username on twitter, facebook, the have their own web site... and get the service directly from the service provider.
I've just started to use Fiverr and am rather fond of it.

I've ordered a couple of gigs. First was designing a poster which I am very please with, which you can view here https://www.facebook.com/events/588566637976321/ . Second was recording of a voice (which I added backing music to myself) that you can hear play when you first tune in to www.pigpenradio.org.

Very pleased with Fiverr will definitely use it again in the future!
I personally sell imaging services on Fiverr, and although it is a decent site, like sojic said, they take 20% commission - and outrageous amount. As someone who is a professional imaging director, I also have my own website and business that I sell through, but find that Fiverr is a place to get a different crowd. My website has traffic from commercial stations, but is not as easily found by non-commercial individuals.

Check out my gigs and demo reel here: https://www.fiverr.com/aspinwallpro/make-your-radio-imaging

I would encourage you to contact me at di@aspinwallproductions.com if you would like to order. This way, I get 100% of the proceeds from my work as opposed to 80% on Fiverr.

Just my two cents.
Fiverr is a bit on the pricey side but I use it to get some things from creative people but I would not provide a service for radio jingles as my website is doing rather well and google is still a top major player when it comes to people searching.
Seoclerks , Fivesquid.com , freelancer , upwork , there are many all charge a comission as they still need to make money, i dont see why people should moan about that okay its a cut of the earning, but where would you get clients from on the other hand ? Fiverr is full of clients and can make a lot of money, just add the 20% on your price, $5 gig sell for 6/7 .. offer a little more than others, Voice overs can add more time than others do or maybe a SFX, things are what you make it.. Fiverr and other freelancing site made it this way, one you have million people happy to pay it , it wont go down.

My opinion .. as we all are entitled to 1 :)