Volunteer Presenters and DJ's Needed

Migsy Cee

New Member
Hi everyone do you fancy becoming a radio presenter/DJ? I Present for Internet radio station Altra Sound Radio 2020 and we broadcast on the spreaker.com platform. The Station Owner Tim is looking to take on more presenters. You will broadcast from home on 2 hour slots a week, all you will need is a computer/laptop, a microphone and headphones or a headset mic/headphones combined and a good selection of Music. Broadcast software will be provided and along with help on setting it up. We are a very friendly bunch and Tim would love to hear from you. If you love music then let that inner entertainer come out and get in touch. You can contact Tim at altrasoundradio.2020@outlook.com These postitions are on a volunteer unpaid basis

Sean Wilkie

I am an exp dj and I will only play modern rock if you have a slot on Mon or wed from 7-10 CST I am in. I will not provide perfect tags or reports as this is volunteer not paid. You can hit me up at djcru68@hotmail.com also not promoting except to my friends so need an audience.