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Hi there!

We are Holiday Radio, and we're looking for voicetrack presenters to join our on-air lineup.

Holiday Radio started out as a jukebox station for a holiday company by the Yorkshire coast, however the station has grew to an audience from all corners of the UK. Over the course of 2019, the station has grew to be an alternative the traditional commercial radio offering.

We play a mix of "feel good" from the 80's - now, with a sprinkle of 60's and 70's thrown in.... we call it Your Greatest Holiday Hits because alot of holiday memories are connected to a song or two, or that radio station you listened to when you was away by the coast!

We take UK national news, sport, weather (and UK wide travel news through the weekday) from Radio News Hub.

Listeners can find us online at holidayradio.co.uk, on our app on Android and iOS via the App Store/Play Store (Carplay and Android Auto compatible) and on smart speakers via TuneIn on Google Home, and on Alexa via our skill.

We're fully PPL and PRS licensed in the UK!

What we're looking for....

We're looking for new presenters to join our lineup and play "Your Greatest Holiday Hits". We've got several vacancies in our on air schedule. We've invested heavily into PlayoutOne Pro for the radio station which gives us a really cool piece of software alongside it called WebVT. We know life can sometimes be busy, so WebVT gives the opportunity for our presenters to record the links for their show any time from a few days before broadcast, up to a few minutes before its played on air.... giving a near live ability.

WebVT runs from a web browser which makes it simple to use!

If you'd like some more information or register an interest to join the team, drop a message below or email hello@holidayradio.co.uk
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