WANTED: Speech-based radio shows.


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Thanks to many of the people on this forum we are building up a good selection of music-based pre-recorded shows ready for our launch, which will hopefully happen sometime this spring. However we would also be VERY interested to hear from anyone who is producing (or would like to start producing) speech-based content. We are particularly looking for original radio dramas and comedy, talk shows and both daytime and late night phone-ins.

We would be interested in both fully produced pre-recorded shows and also hearing from anyone who would like present a show live, either made remotely using their own equipment or utilizing our new studio at Pleasley Vale near Mansfield.

You can of course play music, but we are really looking for shows that are mainly speech based, so we want people whose personality will shine through. No experience is necessary as full training can be given.

Outside produced shows should run for a maximum of 51 minutes per hour, consisting of 3 segments of aproximately 17 minutes each. We are happy to take shows that fill up to 3 hours of air time in total.

For each hour of programming you provide we will donate to you up to 2 minutes of time in our ad breaks. So if you can find commercial advertisers who want to advertise within your show you can have us run their commercials and you keep 100% of whatever revenue you have agreed. This is a way we created to allow you to get some kind of reward for making your show. the remaining commercial time within your show will either be filled by us or can be bought from us at a discount to run more of your own supplied commercials.

If you are interested in joining the PVR team then initially drop me a PM on here to make contact. If you have any questions feel free to reply to this thread in the open forum and I'll answer here.