We just lost our connection????

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Whats going on, can't get into the server control panel, we were playing online at the time and it just stopped.
We are supposed to be playing till midnite tonight, totally screwed up our night.


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Kiss fm

Yes gone again and when it was back would not put artist/track on web page....Come on lads...:mad:


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no stream

same here gone down for us and we cannot log in to our log in either whats going on :(
i was right in the middle of an interview too


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Ok this is now a bloody joke, again just hours after being told there would be more support and just hours after having problems again we have no one around to bloody sort this out, this is a bloody joke now, what's the excuse this time, server blew... datacentre blew up?? i can accept network cards being the fault (but not for as long as it took people to sort them out yesterday) but come on another problem on a new server???and no one monitoring anything????

This is it i will be looking to move, its a joke... if you are a medium/large broadcaster that is growing in listener numbers and reputation you cant continue to be hit by downtime and you sure as hell cant be with a company who are never there to sort problems out when you need them to!!


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This is crazy, we lost our night, we had a few calls from people saying the music just stopped, i thought it was an error on my end until i lost ALL access to the control panel login.
Some of you guys i'm sure use your online station a whole lot more than i (and my friends) do so it must be a lot worse for you lot.
One hour and fifteen minutes into our set it just died.
Where is the support? Why have there been no emails?
I don't want more bandwidth or anything else i just want to have the s**t working again, excuse my language but for this level of treatment, well.


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Were on it. Unfortunately we dont have 24/7 support and were still in the process of organising round the clock server monitoring with notifications.
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