What do i need to do?

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Decide exactly what these 3 genres are (there are rather a lot of them :rofl:) and then start looking in places where DJ's and producers of these genres would hang out?

Also in some scenes (EDM especially) there are tens of sub-genres and they tend to change/evolve. in that case I'd sort the streams more by BPM and then by genre...


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I want to offer 3 genre's of music thru my internet radio station, How can I accomplish this task?

hi cyberstar,
there is nothing stopping you from starting a multigenre station, are you familiar with John Peel? he was a BBC Radio 1 DJ that famously played ALL genres on his one DJ show, it was brilliant. He used to say, there is no genres in music, there is only good and bad music. i probably horribly misquoted a legend there.

i host my own syndicated show on the same principle, if its good, its in. With a loose theme, it makes for a much more interesting show.

Best of luck with your station