What Happens After I purchase

I was looking for a sticky that would explain to me the step by step process involved after I have purchased a package. I would like to know what I need to do, in order to set up a radio station online as this is all new to me, I have no practical experience here, I only have an I dea of what I would like to do.

I have been looking on Youtube and googling and found that the same few things keep poping up, shoutcast , winamp and icecast, I think one is a server and another music software, see i am not sure.
I have seen an Idea to have a computer at home as the server but with a bitrate calculator on a certain web site apparently I would only be able to reach maybe 20 people, not that I understood the configuration but I think I got the idea, anyway with more searching I have found this web site.

It seems to me that it can be a very expensive business, and a lot of money spent for few listeners, never mind my only moan.

I currently have need to make a broadcast for approximately 3hours a week on a sunday, which only involves talking, well its a sermon broadcast, and the dream also involves being able to have a talk discussion afterwards using somthing like skype.

At this point I am glad to see there is a pay as you go option available here, which I hope to use for now, so after I have signed up and handed over the bank details etc what happens next.
This part I would like to know in detail before committing.

I have two computers available dedicated just for the task of the Radio, but what to do.

I would like to know what I need to know, will I be downloading, what equipment do I actually need, where to get the equipment from, where can I see the example of how to set things up? is there a Youtube video available. Will I receive this virtual DJ thingy, what role does it play, also I have seen something called sam broadcasting package is this something else I must have.

A lot of questions hope some kind sole can answer me and make the dream a reality and give me the reality check.

Kind Regards.