Windows Media Radio Player HTML


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Hi Guys,

Im new here, I am currently setting up an internet radio station: PureBeatRadio. Now I have been looking online for a media player as the one included with Centova isnt that great. Im looking for either a windows media player if possible. Has anybody got an HTML code for inputting it on my website.

Even another media player would be great just so I can put it on my landing page for viewers to tune in.

Hope you can help.



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Well there is a difference between broadcasting hosting and music library hosting and just web hosting it. As far as the Webhosting: The legality of it, you have to collect your play data and store it as the client plays it. But you would use html/php/mysql. but yes playing files themselves is not an issue because that's simple html5..Also, if you want to set switch ins, outs, and fades its more complex too. In the music library hosting, you upload your tracks. Live 365 is one of those :