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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Support, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Support

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    We are looking for testimonials to add to the site. Some examples can be found here : Internet Radio Server Testimonials

    We will link to your website if we use your testimonial. Please let us know your username and website address (if you have one) in the post so we know who you are.

    Many Thanks! 8)
  2. Angel?

    Angel? New Member

    [FONT=&quot]After helping a bit on an internet-radio forum for a few years I wanted to try myself.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]After some mailing to a friend, I got a live stream set up, and later a loop stream.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]It makes it possible for my friends who play internet-radio to have a place where they can play when they want, and for different reasons things looks better and better and I get more and more dj’s playing.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Now I just need to learn how to play myself ;)[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Thank you :rofl:


  3. Dj Death

    Dj Death New Member

    learning how to play

    if you need any help with it angel then i will only be happy to offer my support and help in any way i can 8)
  4. fringradio

    fringradio New Member

    Super and top class. Cant beat them. Love the pay and go style!You wont be disappointed!


    Fring Radio :rofl:
  5. analoguetrash

    analoguetrash New Member

    "Internet Radio have consistently offered us a reliable, fast and affordable service for our hosting. Because our average listenership fluctuates a lot, the unique pay-as-you-go payment scheme is perfect for us. Thanks guys!"


    How's that? :)

  6. Support

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  7. risingfree

    risingfree New Member

    Great! I tried a few streamservers before coming here but I don't want to go anywhere else now.
    The pay as you go system is fantastic for people just starting up or for those working on a very limited budget.

    Rising Free Radio
  8. mixedsounds.com

    mixedsounds.com New Member

    Think you already got one from us @ mixedsoundson there IR but if ya want it "updated", let us know. Only to happy to write a new one for the sound service we have received for the time we have been with ya all @ IR! Much respect to you all ;)
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  9. MaxDance.co.uk

    MaxDance.co.uk New Member

    Hey! Well here is ours...

    "I have been working with internet radio for some years now and i must say internet-radio are the most reliable and to us small radio stations the most cost effective service provider with their pay as you go system. We recommend them, youll be pleased with them!"

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  10. Support

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    Many thanks for your kind words RisingFree + MaxDance! We will implement these testimonials soon and link up to your sites. 8)
  11. MaxDance.co.uk

    MaxDance.co.uk New Member

    No problem! Just changed the "so us small" to "to us small" just spotted that typing error!

    Keep up the great work!
  12. retrofm dj rio

    retrofm dj rio New Member

    about internet radio

    simply the best radio server i have used easy to use and no heavy subscription charges i have used other hosting solutions in the past and have found them to be expensive but the pay as you go option really works for me as i have limited finances as a budget radio operator i find this service excellent and the support pages and forum are reallly usefull top marks
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2009
  13. scorpio4646

    scorpio4646 New Member

    CoolFM Internet Radio

    I have only just signed up 2 days ago and I'm up and running already, AND integrated into my website. Very impressed with Techie Support. and I think the pay as you go is a brilliant way forward. Suits my needs perfectly. You will probably get a few more sign ups from some of my friends with similar sites to mine. Send me a link and I'll put it on my partner site www.webcasterssyndicate.com

    This is a website to help small internet stations like myself
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  14. Support

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  15. scorpio4646

    scorpio4646 New Member

  16. Support

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    Much Appreciated Scorpio 8) Looks great.
  17. LMP Music

    LMP Music New Member

    Excellent Customer Service

    Account Username: lmpmusicradio (Previously: lmpmusic)
    Website URL: LMP Music - Internet Radio

    I just wanted to let everyone know that the customer service and after-sales support from internet-radio.org.uk has been amongst the best I have ever encountered.

    I recently had a technical problem and contacted technical support. Their responses were timely, honest and delivered results. I also received a very generous gesture of goodwill for my trouble.

    I would strongly recommend this provider if you are looking to get yourself a radio server as I think you'll struggle to find anyone who can offer this level of service at such good prices.

    One again, the customer service is excellent, this is coming from someone who used to work as a customer services manager for one of the UK's top 10 websites.

    Thanks Guys!

    Phil D - LMP Music Internet Radio
  18. Support

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    Many thanks for your kind words Phil 8)
  19. FizzRadio

    FizzRadio New Member

    Well with Internet Radio, ime not too sure were i should start!

    First of all, if you purchace a server or any item from Internet Radio, and you have a problem or need help post into the forum and the speed of someone to reply is unblevable, put it this way i had a problem around 10am on saturday and by 10:30 it was sorted.

    I would highly reccomend Internet Radio to anyone as they are a very reliable Company. with a great team of frendly staff.
    all the items i have bought are still working fine and the server is never slow, or laggy.
    So i suggest you get started today :)
  20. Support

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    Cheers Fizz 8)

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