xStream Radio NEEDS YOU!


New Member
We have various positions on the xstream team in which are available if you have the skills. Please take in mind that the jobs are not paid as we are a radio station just starting out, I, The founder of xStreaM Radio am at the age of 16 years old but please know that I shall not take lightly to ageism and/ you not following instructions due to my age. If you wish to apply to work with us then please visit: xStreaM FM

We do have requirements to work with us, you may even be interviewed on application acception. If you are accepted you will receive an email within 24hrs of your application.

We are a good small business to get involved with as our team are friends more than anything, we will expect you to feel as though you have been accepted into a family or group of friends rather than an office. Please also note though, you must be proffessional at all times whilst confronting customers/listeners.

~ xStreaM Founder ~
Kieron Hawkins