Your thoughts and solutions ??


Hi everyone, so im considering moving my station to im currently using another host but the media player provided is very unstable on android etc..
I know with the centova cast panel there are problems starting shows/podcasts at a set time as you cant break into a playlist tune to start a show (on another playlist) with auto DJ making the start time either early or late.
Has anyone got any solutions to this ?
The other issue is a media player that looks good and works on websites, anyone know of any players that work on all websites and platforms ?

Cheers for any help/advice/ideas


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We would be more than happy to host your station here on our servers. If you would like to discuss this some more then please feel free to drop us an email via

If the way that the Centovacast AutoDJ feature works is not quite ideal for you then perhaps you could look at some automated playout software such as Sam Broadcaster or similar.

In regards to a media player, please take a look at the following guide:


Here at PVR we are just grappling with the problem of hosting as we'll be going to air later this year with our brand new station. I think the solution we will be using is that we will never broadcast anything from a server in the cloud. When we don't have a live presenter in studio we will be using the Rivendell play out software to broadcast either pre-recorded shows or other automation (jukebox) out through our encoder to our hosting provider. the only time we will broadcast anything stored on the host's servers is in an emergency if we fall off air.

Rivendell has a feature where you can set a recording to play at a given time. If something else is still playing you have the option to 'make next' (which runs the new recording immediately after the one that's still playing so nothing gets cut off) or 'start immediately' (which cuts off the thing that's playing so the next recording starts exactly on time). We normally use 'make next' for the junctions into our commercial breaks but use 'start immediately' at the top of the hour to keep the station's schedule on time.

The down side of the way we do it is that the playourt software, mixer it goes through and stream encoder (which is on a second computer) have to be left running all the time. We are currently looking at the possibility of using silent, fanless mini-PCs or maybe even Raspberry Pis to save power and give us as few moving parts as possible.

I never knew that it was possible to move to a host.
Moving host is possible but a bit of a pain.

Re upload your music's.. set your playlists again .. change your streaming url on all directorys etc (unless you have your own hostname and new host can provide same port)

It's totally possible just a pain if your already situated..

We have had a lot of new customers moving from other streaming providers complaining about there media players and there uptime not being great. We always advice new clients that they may not be able to keep there existing streaming url unless they use there hostname and we have the port free.

And in many cases its not possible as most providers never tell you about custom hostnames when you sign up