Icecast Servers

Icecast servers are great for hosting Internet Radio Stations. In addition to MP3, Icecast supports the Ogg Vorbis streaming format. Icecast servers also have a good feature (fallback mounts) which automatically moves listeners between live and autodj streams.

Icecast Server Features

Icecast Server
  • MP3 and Ogg Vorbis supported.
  • Full Admin access.
  • Log file access.
  • Intro and Backup files.
  • 3 Mountpoints with fallback.
  • Listed on
  • Open Source.

In addition to all the above features all our Icecast servers come with a web based control panel full of features to control, monitor and analyse your radio station.

How much does it cost ?

Our Icecast server prices depend on how much bandwidth you need for your radio server. We offer “Pay As You Go” bandwidth plans as well as “Pay Monthly” bandwidth plans. More information is available on our prices page.

What other radio servers are there apart from Icecast ?

In addition to Icecast servers we also offer Shoutcast Servers for your internet radio station. We have an FAQ explaining some of the main differences between Shoutcast and Icecast servers.

Have any Icecast server questions ?

Please feel free to ask us any questions related to Icecast servers from our pre-sales support forum area. Also feel free to use our contact page.