1. TheWolfOnlineGB

    TuneIn API

    Good afternoon! We would just like to ask, is it possible to send our now playing feed to TuneIn straight from your service? So it still shows what is now playing even when it's on AutoDJ. Thanks! The Radio Wolf Team
  2. vendetta

    Auto DJ says it's off, but it's actually on and won't let us turn it off.

    We want to stream live, but we cannot turn the AutoDJ off, the icon is not there. I've restarted the server, stopped and started the server, but nothing works. Any ideas guys? -V
  3. DolbyNR

    Artist rotation

    Hi all, I'm setting up my station, wich will be using Auto DJ to play random tracks from our selection. Will the Auto DJ function take care that the same artist isn't played more than once ? It would be bad to hear the same artist 3 songs in a row. Can't seem to find a rotation setup...
  4. Roberto Rivera

    ices-cc VS Liquidsoap (AutoDJ)

    I might be dumb, but for the life of me I can't find a feature comparison or a guide that sheds some light into which is better, ad in what situations. :)
  5. ChrisJones

    Cannot find the playlist editor

    I am new to this site, and plan on having some fun with a station. I have some files uploaded, and want to start an AutoDJ. I need to create a playlist.. Saw this.... Creating a Playlist To create a new playlist, click the Create Playlist link in the upper, right-hand corner of the page. This...