Artist rotation


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Hi all,

I'm setting up my station, wich will be using Auto DJ to play random tracks from our selection.
Will the Auto DJ function take care that the same artist isn't played more than once ?
It would be bad to hear the same artist 3 songs in a row.

Can't seem to find a rotation setup, therefore this question.


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FYI : I've been broadcasting since yesterday, and my finding are that Auto DJ does not use any algorithms to avoid this. So chances exist that the same artist is broadcasted many times in a row.


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Hi DolbyNR,

You can set a playlists playback order to "Random (Shuffled)". But yes, there is no such feature to prevent a particular artist from being played several times in a row. Saying that though you must have a lot of a particular artists music in the playlist. So the only way to really avoid this would be to add more variety of other artists so that the playlist is more balanced, therefore lowering the chances of the same artists music being played several times in a row.

Or instead you could just set the playback order to "Sequential" and then create the track order yourself so that there is large enough gaps between a particular artists tracks being played.


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After testing the station since yesterday, I'm convinced about the quality of your service, and already paid my fee. True ... as I'm in a particular niche of broadcasts (creepypasta stories), there are many stories, but few narrators, so chances will be great the same narrator will tell a few stories in a row. I'm not worrying about it too much though.

Thanks for your kind reply and service!