1. Bulldog

    Santa needs you! - Christmas show presenters / DJs

    Come on, who wants to do a slot or two ? nothing but Christmas tunes to get people in the festive mood ;) Christmas what? you ask! Whatever ;) as long as it's Christmas and does NOT contain any profanity! Christmas Reggae, Soul, Funk, Pop, Cheese, Classical, DnB, Trance.. if it's Christmas...

    *Christmas In New York* - New Synth Pop Single

    Hello everyone ! I wanted to share the latest single from my team - titled "Christmas In New York". Here is a link to preview the song - if you'd like to download it please be in touch - thank you ! -Steven
  3. TheMarkOrtega

    Original Digital Christmas Songs

    Hello, We would like to get airplay for our original tunes, “This Christmas Moment,” which is electronic/pop/gospel and “Santa Bring My Love Home,” which is a throwback Diana Ross inspired holiday song. The tracks were released on our independent holiday album called, “A Very Digital...
  4. sscargo

    Christmas Show

    After a great response from stations last year we are offering an extra presentation this year. Colin French Productions is getting in the festive mood by offering FREE holiday programming to stations. An eight-hour programme is being offered for broadcast over the holiday season without...