1. D.I. Aspinwall

    Established CHR Countdown Show looking for Co-Hosts

    Hi everybody, My name is D.I., the host of All The Hits with Ian Dennis (Ian Dennis being my radio name...) All the Hits is currently heard on terrestrial stations across the U.S. and now, even a few dozen internet stations around the globe. We are looking to add to our outstanding air team...
  2. Toby Gribben

    Co-Hosts Wanted

    Hello there, I am looking for a couple of people to co-host my radio show. This is how it will work, I will email you a what I want you to say and you will be given a week to record it whenever you want in your own time. I do not require you to have any experience. You must have a good quality...
  3. MasterzRadio

    Masterz Radio - Where You Pick'em, We Play'em

    Masterz Radio is looking for DJs of all skill levels. We are looking for new DJs to come on board, and learn the ropes of Internet Radio. We also welcome DJs that have been around a while and want to share their knowledge and help DJs that are learning to improve shows. Masterz is a family...
  4. J

    Need a Co-Host

    Hi, I present 5 shows a week at 8-9pm gmt on shine radio. And would like a co-host. You need skype and a good sense of humour. Also need to have lots of grit and determination. Hope to here from some of you. Contact me on - Josh