Established CHR Countdown Show looking for Co-Hosts

Hi everybody,

My name is D.I., the host of All The Hits with Ian Dennis (Ian Dennis being my radio name...) All the Hits is currently heard on terrestrial stations across the U.S. and now, even a few dozen internet stations around the globe.

We are looking to add to our outstanding air team. We are currently seeking a co-host / show correspondent. The show's co-host would be responsible for a weekly 60 second pop-culture / current events segment. The co-host would also be responsible for extra voicing (segment banter) on occasion.

Please read before applying. Do not apply if you do not meet the below requirements. If you have any questions, please reply below before applying.
  • Personality - You don't necessarily need to have "the voice," but need to have a solid grasp on what makes great radio. You must have the ability to engage an audience, use relevant humor, and convey a message appropriately.
  • Experience - Although experience is not required for the right candidate, 2 years of on-air experience is preferred.
  • Format Knowledge - Candidates should be knowledgable of the CHR radio format as well as have a deep understanding of national (U.S.A. based) and global current cultural and political events. The show does not often get political, but on the rare occasion it does, a generally liberal viewpoint must be taken by air staff.
  • Studio - You must have a fantastic sounding air chain (Microphone, Processors, Capture, etc.). Subpar audio quality will not be allowed on All The Hits.
  • Hours - As you will normally be responsible for only a 60 second segment on the show, you should have to spend only around one hour per week to research, write, and record your segment. Additional hours may be needed on show weeks where banter between you and Ian Dennis is requested - this is entirely flexible.
This is an entirely volunteer position - treated like an internship. This position is a great opportunity for an individual looking to gain more radio experience and build up their resume.

Here is a quick sample of All the Hits: CLICK HERE

To apply for this position, please leave a reply on this thread. Be sure to include an air check ( no longer than three minutes please) and contact information. Alternatively, email to apply. Candidates may also be asked for a remote interview session.

Thank You,