looking for dj

  1. Ratnest Media Group

    Ratnest Radio is currently looking for presenters!

    Don't let our name fool you, the rat in this context is the animal :) Ratnest is an upcoming interned radio station specializing in popular modern music, electronica, indie/alternative, hip-hop, rock and whatever that could be considered music, really. Our goal is to build an online community...
  2. W

    We are looking for DJs/Talkshow hosts

    We are currently looking for any kind of presenters, talk show hosts.We give you the freedom to say/play whatever you want. We treat this radio as a music festival in a park, where you know...there are only a few dumb rules. So if you are interested, please fill out this form ------>...
  3. Matt Skills

    UK Based Online Station - Be on air within an hour

    Hi Everyone, Realcast Radio is a brand new UK based ppl licensed online radio station that puts you in control of our output! simply visit https://realcast.co.uk/register/ and you'll instantly be able to book slots on our schedule and go on air. if you have any problems or have any...