We are looking for DJs/Talkshow hosts


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We are currently looking for any kind of presenters, talk show hosts.We give you the freedom to say/play whatever you want. We treat this radio as a music festival in a park, where you know...there are only a few dumb rules. So if you are interested, please fill out this form

------> https://goo.gl/forms/OCial0FfR1r58MFg1 <------

or visit our website (we will buy a domain as soon as we start)

------> https://notprorecords.wixsite.com/radioparkzero <------

Our requirements for your shows:
- Every show has to be at LEAST one hour each time
- No foul language during broadcasting
- Work good as a team, respect listeners

Thanks again, if you have ANY questions regarding our requirements or your application feel free to contact me here -----> radioparkzero@gmail.com <-----

Thanks, and we hope we will work with you in the future! ;)


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